Occupational Health and Safety

Sıddık Kardeşler

Occupational Health and Safety

Sıddık Kardeşler Haddecilik company is approaching with great sensitivity in accordance with the rules of Occupational Health and Safety and therefore mobilize all kinds of opportunities for the provision of life security. In addition, the sensitivity of the company is conveyed through the Occupational Health and Safety Awareness Trainings, which are given to employees during their employment and during the course of their work. The prosperity of work health and safety is being adopted and implemented by all our employees.

OHSAS 18001: 2008 OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH AND SAFETY management system is successfully implemented in our business in the direction of continuous improvement and sustainable development principles.

  • All employees and management of Sıddık Kardeşler Haddecilik; To create a safer and healthier work environment for its employees, customers and suppliers
  • To comply with all applicable laws and regulations in order to achieve the goals of "Zero Work Accident"
  • To determine all possible risks that arise as a result of their activities and to reduce these risks to an acceptable level by saying '' BEFORE SAFETY ''
  • Occupational Accidents, Occupational Diseases and Health Disturbance To Reduce All the Factors in Order to Continue Improvement Activities for Planning and Implementation
  • A Systematic Approach to All Activities to Prevent Occupational Health and Safety Risks to be Prevented or Caused to Be Dissatisfied or Followed by Technological Developments for this Purpose to Ensure the Use of Resources in this Framework
  • Regulation of the Training and Awareness-raising Activities Required for the Adoption and Implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System by Employees and Suppliers and Ensuring the Sustainability of These Activities
  • Occupational Health and Safety Constitution of Value Added by All Our Employees and Stakeholders for Adaptation to the Legislation
  • It is our basic principles to have a healthy and safe working environment for ourselves and those who are happy and happy

Risk assessment studies and weekly field observation tours are conducted at regular intervals in our business to ensure a healthy and safe working environment. We have realized our "ZERO ACCIDENT OF THE FIELD” policy with a safer and healthy business environment by destroying the risks or lowering the worst.

Occupational Training and Occupational Health and Safety training are provided regularly and successfully throughout the duration of the job. Thus, more and more accurate information is available about the risks that may arise in the operation of our employees. The full settling of the Security Culture in our employees with these trainings creates added value for our employees, our business and the country. In addition, these trainings are supported by the project “ZERO ACCIDENT OF THE FIELD”.

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